Schoology Quick Tips

As teachers and parents become more familiar with the Schoology Learning System, we always learn little tips and tricks. This is a list of the things that have been learned so far.

  1. Remember to be patient with your teachers and your child, every class is set up differently.
  2. Schoology and Safari do not get along. If you are using an iPad or iPhone, you should always use the Schoology App.
  3. Parents – Make sure you have your own account. We need to contact just you sometimes.
  4. You cannot do or submit assignments if you are signed in as the parent. You must sign in as the student in order to complete assignments. ( accounts only!)
  5. Students cannot sign in on the regular website, they must use the web address.
  6. If you are using the Schoology app, make sure that it is set for Boone County Schools, WV. It is easier to find your school if you use the zip code.
  7. When students login to Schoology, it may redirect them to Office 365…THAT IS OKAY! They are linked together. It will allow them to use their Office programs without having to sign in a second time.
  8. If you need an Office 365 product such as Word or PowerPoint, you can download it for free to your computer by opening of your Office 365 email and on the dashboard, you will have a button that says ‘Download Office’.
  9. If you need to write, type, or draw on a PDF file, you can use and change the file to a Word Document. You can add textboxes to the word document or use the drawing tool to edit.